Your Whisper

27 07 2013

Dear friend of mine what is it that you see
I look at you and wonder why you chose me
So envious of your ability to shake off the abundant rituals of standing in between
You are half in but half way out
Gives you the access to the living and those no longer in route
Maybe that’s why without any words understanding of my soul comes to you with ease
It’s like a telepathic signal alerts you or brings you right to me
Overwhelming at first but a comfort , a landing spot
You breathe me in and accept even my secret, insecure and sinful rot
Your love reminds me of a whisper
Once the words leave your lips and flow to me
An invisible string of notes are created playing a song only understood within thee
Making its way gently through the parts that hurt
Creating a bandaid of trust, truth and acceptance healing all, ceasing the curse
The music plays even when you are away,
sometimes it’s like I can feel you it’s very hard to explain
When I am alone and lost I remember your whisper and the music of love you brought to my heart and our friendship that never surrenders.



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